Grass Sickness

By KC: Speaking to a few colleagues last week there have been some cases of Grass Sickness around again. A change to more wet and windy weather appears to be one of the triggers for certain pastures that are affected. Signs can vary depending on the dose of toxin ingested. This can include (impaction) colic or reduced faecal output, muscle fasciculations, sweating, a droopy eyelid (see picture) while cases that are more chronic will rapidly waste and become weak. Many cases are fatal but chronic cases may with a lot of TLC (and time and expenses) recover.

Pic: Notice the droopy upper right eye lid (left on the photo) compared to the left upper eyelid (right on the photo) which had it reversed after topical application of  phenylephrine eye drops.

Grass Sickness_Phenylephrine eye  Test