It Should Not Happen to a SimplyHorses Vet

Well quick post at the end of another bank holiday Monday, some interesting cases including live set of twins and unfortunately a difficult foaling with dead foal. One of the twins is very weak so lots of nursing a some luck may see us through. In 26 years I have seen 2 sets of twins make it to adulthood, though both sets were always small 😉

I also saw a horse that had had a lucky escape with lots of deep wounds but non life threatening. It never ceases to amaze me how horses can damage themselves, reminds me of talking to a American vet who related the tale, of coming out one day to find his mare with all 4 feet off the ground impaled on a wooden fence post. He could see this post as a bulge under the skin on her back!! Once the post was cut and the mare back with all 4 feet on the ground, the post was removed and the mare never looked back!!! The post had run up the side of her abdomen under the skin and not penetrated any important structures, intestines, peritoneal cavity etc 😉 As he said it could only happen to a vet.