Laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Some recent posts I have been reading are I feel directly relevant to many of you and this helps keep us all at the cutting edge of vet knowledge đŸ˜‰

Preventing endocrine-related laminitis in the horse Thomas Divers, Cornell University, New York
Equine metabolic syndrome is an endocrine disorder similar to Cushing’s disease and is a major cause of laminitis in the horse. Early recognition of this condition is important to prevent structural damage to the hoof and block the pathological cascade that may follow a laminitis incident.
The author reviews strategies for managing horses with EMS and Cushing’s disease. There is no proven medical treatment for EMS although trilostane has shown benefits in some cases, while pergolide is recommended for treating Cushing’s. Management factors are important in controlling both conditions, notably a low carbohydrate diet and exercise of obese horses to encourage weight loss and improve insulin sensitivity. Attention to preventive healthcare, including worming, vaccination and dental care, is important as systemic illness may trigger the development of laminitis.
Journal of Equine Veterinarji Science 28
(5): 317-319.

Very interesting post note the recommendation to exercise, low carb diet and regulare vet checks ref concurrent problems