Simply Healthy Hooves: Natural Hoof Care

The Bare Facts

On the 8th April Simply Healthy Hooves and Finchale View RS organised an interesting afternoon course for our clients and anyone interested in Natural Hoof Care,  together with farrier Jeff Mordey at the Finchale View Riding School in Leamside, Durham.

The afternoon started with some practical lectures from Paul Proctor and Jeff, focusing on the anatomy of the hoof, explaining the benefits of barefoot trimming and giving a step by step approach for an easy transition to get your horse barefoot in a healthy way.

victor hoof 1

Barefoot Hoof TRANSITION

After a short tea break it was time for our clients to get more hands-on. Thomas and Cougar were available as our volunteering horses, so everybody could see the anatomy of the hoof in real life and learn how easy the day to day care of a barefoot horse can be.

By the end of the afternoon the feet of Thomas and Cougar were very shiny and well polished because everybody had a go with the hoof care following instructions from Paul!

Jeff gave some great demonstrations of barefoot trimming, showing what the foot should look like for the horse to move as naturally as possible.

There were also different kinds of boots on display, so everyone could get a feel for what’s available nowadays. In addition, Paul used some specimen hooves to show the cross section of the foot and carried out some x-rays on Thomas and Cougar so we could see the alignment of the bones inside their hooves.

horse hoof transition-ridden

It was great to see everybody so excited about learning more about the subject and Paul, Jeff and the Simply Horses team had their hands full with answering all the questions.

In conclusion it was a very interesting afternoon, and everybody went home with a little more knowledge than they arrived with and lots of things to think about.

Mariet Klomp ( Simply Horses Vet Clinic)